City Rebates and Tips

City Rain Barrel Rebates:

We would be glad to send you a quote.

Pictures of rain barrels and totes I have built &
installed in the last few years.

Making your own rain barrel here are some tips:

1) Keep it level - 55 gallon barrels weighs about 485 lbs.

2) Protect kids & pets: screen & lid it. We have rain diverter system that keeps many things out.

3) Algae loves sunshine & will flourish in translucent rain barrels so make sure to paint them.

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We can help with providing knowledge on how to build rain barrels & other items:

-Dog Houses

-Raise Gardens

-Deer Feeders

-Flotting Docks

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Raw Honey

We do have RAW HONEY for sale from my apiary on the eastside of Des Moines.  

Started with two hives in 2019. Then in 2020 we had seven hives. Lost all hives in 2021.  Started all over with two in 2022.  Those two survived the winter.  In 2023, we had five hives, but lost one before winter.  So far three of four hives are alive in January 2024.


Many cities in the area will pay $50 or more to install them.  Installing a rain barrel also helps the environment and $aves money for water you use to wash the dog, tools, cars, windows, water plants, and so on.


Our design with the diverter in the downspout
allows you to put  the rain barrels  around
the corner or over the fence.